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THE 10 HOUR WEEK is one of the most successful network marketing concepts in the German-speaking world! We are licensees of over 200 products in the sports, health and beauty industry. With the projects that we are building now in more than 6 countries, we offer ambitious people the opportunity to work on them. Through the online infrastructure and team collaboration, we have managed to create a system where each active business partner only has to invest 10 hours per week and can earn more than in their main job. We have partners worldwide who generate between 500 EUR to a five-figure income per month with our system. Our concept is presented on various international stages and has already inspired thousands of people in Europe.

We know your situation so well! You work 8-14 hours a day as a self-employed or as an employee with a salary, earn good money, but life flies you by! Right? Do not repeat the same year 75 times and call it a life! Because it is not! At least not a dream life! Life means fulfilling one’s needs fully in every area of life, discovering new things, seeing the world, spending time with loved ones, experiencing the most beautiful moments and enjoying every moment.Can we ask you a question that has changed our lives? What would you do tomorrow if money played no role in your life? Difficult question, right? We struggled with this question. But be honest with yourself now. Would you do exactly the same things tomorrow as you have done up to now? For us, the answer was NO, we would start living our dream life.

Do YOU want to...


... become self-employed without capital investment? 

... travel the world & earn money at the same time?

... have a part-time job

from home?


... earn money online with

your smartphone?

... have the perfect family business?

... earn more in 10 hours than

in your main job?

... then you’ve come to the right place!

Founders of the

10 hour week!


Coach Pepi

Coach Pepi is one of the most successful networker marketers in German-speaking countries. His business now spans over more than 6 countries. At a young age the former top athlete proved that you can make all your dreams come to life with diligence and discipline. His conviction and at the same time the drive for this concept: enough time and money should be a human right.


Claudio Michienzi

Claudio Michienzi is a role model for many in generation X. At a very young age he quickly realised that it is possible to build up a big business in network marketing without capital investment. With his ideas, we were able to expand the concept in such a way that it was possible for everyone to build up a business independent of time and place. Independence and flexibility are his great values.


Familie Beder

Today, the Beder family enjoys a life they could never have imagined. Both of them quickly recognised the opportunity in building a passive income here. With their help, we have adapted the concept specifically for families. With only 10 hours a week, it is possible for any family to build a big business. Their conviction: Time is our most valuable asset and we have achieved this through this concept.


Melina Gysi

Melina Gysi is our social media expert. Her dream was to be at home all over the world while building her business. Said and done! Thanks to her ingenious creativity, we were able to expand the online infrastructure. This makes it possible for every partner to build their business with social media, regardless of location - even for beginners. Melina’s exact roadmap makes this possible.

Make your appointment now!

You now have the opportunity to take part in our free online business presentation. Fill out the contact form below and we will contact you personally. You will receive the online link with access to the presentation. We will be happy to show you our 10 hour week concept and work out a personal roadmap with you.

Danke lieber Erfolgsfreund. Ich melde mich schon bald persönlich bei dir.

Having enough money and time should be a human right!


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